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Lithium Polymer BatteriesLithium Polymer Batteries
Note: you should only use an appropriate LI-PO Charger.
Visually check the battery is not damaged, before charging and before flight.
If the battery is distended or feels spongy it should be replaced.
These batteries should not be left unattended when charging.
Charge in a place that is not combustible should the battery ignite.
Do not leave battery connected in model when not in use.!!

These batteries should not be left in a discharged state, we sell a number of in-expensive testers.

Note: We test all batteries before dispatching.

Note: We are unable to ship Lipo Batteries to the USA, or via air-mail.
Prolong the life of your battery using our B6/B8 Chargers

Lipo-Save Bag 23*18cmLipo-Save Bag 23*18cm
Lipo Battery Fireproof Safe Bag (Charge Sack)
Red Colour wording on bag - Lipo Guard

23cm * 18cm approx

Price: 5.29


M100-19 3.7V Lipo BatteryM100-19 3.7V Lipo Battery
3.7v 150mAh

Suitable for other small models.

This battery fits many of the sub £30 small models.

Price: 3.99


Battery 600mAh 3.7v 25cBattery 600mAh 3.7v 25c
Suitable for:

X5 Quadcopter
Compatable with HM-4#B-7-28, CB100, V100D, V120D/P, Lama2Q, 5G6,4G3

Fitted with Walkera white spade plug

Price: 4.79


3.7v 600mAh Li-Poly Battery 20c3.7v 600mAh Li-Poly Battery 20c
These batteries are rated at 650mAh 20c

Fitted with Walkera lead.

Compatable with HM-4#B-7-28, CB100, V100D, V120D/P, Lama2Q, 5G6,4G3, X5 quad

Price: 4.69

HM-38-Z-30 Battery 7.4v 2200mAhHM-38-Z-30 Battery 7.4v 2200mAh
Battery 7.4v 2200mAh

Price: 17.99


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